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123FormBuilder is a drag & drop form creation tool

123FormBuilder Features

With 123FormBuilder you can easily create forms for all your needs in a intuative drag & drop fashion. 123FormBuilder integrates with a bunch of third-party apps that can help you create forms for handeling anything from event creations, surveys and contact forms.

Web Forms

Web forms let people who come to your website send you important information. An online form may be someone's first interaction with your business, so your form design and content should make a good first impression that will lead to future conversations.

Creating web forms used to require extensive knowledge of programming languages. Web designers used HTML for structure, CSS for styling, JavaScript code & jQuery for data validation and PHP for server-side data access.

With 123FormBuilder you no longer need web designers to get the best website form design. Simply start with a web form template and choose the right fields for your needs: text boxes, radio buttons, file uploads, Google Maps and more. All of these tools and form designs are ready to turn your idea into a versatile web form.

Personalize every inch of your online form using the advanced web form design examples at your disposal. Get creative: choose from over 800 fonts, add color to any part of your form and pick your preferred layout from a theme list. Or just copy your website’s style by adding your own client side code.

Creating mobile-responsive online forms is easy with our intuitive drag and drop form editor. Pick the web form fields you need from a list, add them to your online form and publish the form to collect data without help from web designers or developers.

Contact Forms

Contact forms are ways users start conversations with you, so it’s important to make a good first impression.

To make one from scratch you need to have the knowledge of HTML, CSS and to make the forms even more intuetive some JavaScript. On top of that you will need to know a programming languuage that is able to take the data from the form and send it to a database. All this can be very complicated for someone who does not have the technical know-how. 123FormBuilder can handle all that for you.

Order Forms

Order forms are the foundation of e-commerce. They make it easy for your customers to place orders and for you to get paid. However, creating order forms could take some of your time and would require even programming experience than for the previous contact form. 123FormBuilder can handle the task of creating order forms that you can integration with your exisitng tools and services.

Event Registration Forms

If you're going to run an event, 123FormBuilder can be of use to you as well. The form builder makes it easy to create forms for any type of event. With the help of 123FormBuilders integrations to other tools and services you can handle payments and scheduling with other third-party apps.

Support Offered by 123FormBuilder



123FormBuilder offers Email support to its customers and users.

Platforms Supported by 123FormBuilder

Web (SaaS)

Web (SaaS)

123FormBuilder is a tool for Web (SaaS).

πŸ–₯️ Platform: Web (SaaS)
πŸ’ Available Support: Email
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