Common Affiliate Marketing Questions

What affiliate program pays the most?

To find out what affiliate program pays the most you can use FellowAffiliate's Affiliate Program List and order your listings based on the highest commission percentage. This will of course not in any shape or for dictating how much you will make in the end, that all depends on the amount of traffic you can deliver to the offer, and how well your campaign is converting.

What affiliate products sell best?

It's hard to know which affiliate products sell the best, products and offers come and go and it's all seasonal as well. To know which affiliate offer works well is to try it out for your self, or discuss with other affiliates willing to share their well-kept secrets. To find affiliate offers, that is suited for your traffics geo and what commission is provided we urge you to check out our Affiliate Offer List that provides a lot of data need to make a good initial decision and to weed out what isn't.

Where to find affiliate products?

There are a few places online to find affiliate products. One option is the register for each affiliate program or network to get access to their catalog of products. Another way is to check out our Affiliate Offers List, where we try to list as many affiliate offers and products as we can. We are constantly looking to connecting with more affiliate programs, networks and their API's so that we can deliver real-time up-to-date information about offers to our fellow affiliates.

Who offers affiliate programs?

Many companies are running an affiliate program to increase there reach and sale. Even Amazon has one, and it played a crucial part in their growth. To find affiliate programs has always been somewhat time-consuming, especially finding the right one. It was one of the key reasons was created. With our Affiliate Program List, you can browse most affiliate programs related to companies, filter them to find the right type, and gain confidence that your choice is right based on metrics like platform, quality of support, trust in the program and the value affiliate and advertisers have deprived of the service provided.

Where can I find affiliate programs for online courses?

Promoting online courses is a great way to help your audience to progress while at the same time earn a kickback from helping them learn. To find online courses you can either rely on popular course networks like Udemy and others, most of them usually have an affiliate program.

Another way is to use our Affiliate Program list and filter by Education or check this page out Online Course Affiliate Program Page. why choose affiliate marketing? This is a great question, at the answers are many. If you are a publisher that runs a blog you might want to increase your revenue with affiliate marketing. Most of the time CPM and CPC ad network does not generate enough income for publishers if their traffic is not high enough. In this case affiliate marketing can be a great substitute as you can promote products that might be useful to your smaller but usually more targeted audience. Another reason might be that you are good at online advertisement in general. Affiliate marketing can be an extremely quick and lucrative way of generating income if you know how to buy and convert traffic from online platforms Facebook, Google, Instagram, and others.

Are affiliate links allowed on Instagram?

Yes, affiliate links are allowed on Instagram. However, the scope of affiliate marketing on Instagram is pretty limited as you can only have one link, which is located in you your bio. That said though, there is plenty of people who have seen success with this model when targeting specific niches, or even a specific product in a niche. Have a look at XX Product for example. There are many affiliates targeting this specific product. By targeting the right hashtags, producing likable photos and being active in the comments you can build a successful account.

One thing to keep in mind though is that you do not own your Instagram account, and it can be determined at any time, due to what could seem like spam, illegitimate use of the account and so on. Personally, I would rather try to build a brand, and channel traffic to my own media/content and then suggest products that are genuinely useful for your audience, while at the same time building a stronger relationship with them.

Are affiliate links allowed on Tumblr?

No, affiliate links are not allowed on tumbler. Since September 2016 Tumblr joined forces with the affiliate network VigLinks, Which helps them auto insert affiliate links in words found in users content that is similar to the products of  55,000 merchants having an affiliate program with VigLinks.

This is what Tumblr had to say about the matter: 

In a couple of weeks we’re going to start adding something called “affiliate codes” to links on Tumblr that don’t already have one.
Questions are healthy and natural, so let’s go through some:
What are affiliate codes? Basically, they tell a merchant that a customer came from Tumblr. And if there’s a sale, Tumblr may get a commission for the referral.

What’s going to change? Not much, really. Links will look and function exactly as they do now. Even personal affiliate codes, if you use them, will keep working normally.

Why are you doing this? One might argue that affiliate links can help slow or even reduce the cost of goods and services to zero as required for a truly post-capitalist economy.

Can I opt out? Of course. We wrote that right into our TOS. There’s a switch in settings that keeps Tumblr’s affiliate code off of links you post.


Are affiliate links allowed on twitter?

Yes, affiliate links are allowed on your twitter account. One good thing to keep in mind while doing affiliate marketing via your twitter account is to use an URL shortener. Without it, your message or sales pitch might be limited due to the limitation of 280 characters per post.

Some affiliates have seen success while making their tweet into a story by using comments, and pitching further down the thread.

Personally are rather use real estate that is owned by my self like a blog, or a web app and build a stronger relationship that can lead to referrals down the line.

Can affiliate marketing make you rich?

This is another common affiliate marketing question. The short answer to this is yes, however, wealth is subjective. 

The spammy tactics that worked in the early to 2000s do no longer. Which is a good thing! Frankly, who likes spam? In today's affiliate marketing industry you have to do the work and study hard to find out what sticks and not.

Also building a brand works wonders, either by using yourself as the brand, creating your own blog and providing useful information to your audience or by building web apps or software that solve peoples problem.

Some people might not know, but sites like and Skyscanner make their revenue from affiliate marketing.
These are well-established brands that do not sell their own product but rather facilitates tools that help people find products and services at a lower cost. is another great example for the content creators out there. is a personal finance blog that drives a huge amount of traffic each month and generates its revenue affiliate marketing. Simply by guiding and helping people with their personal finance and savings.

Can affiliate marketing be done without a website?

Yes, there are two main ways affiliate marketing can be done without a website. The most common way to do affiliate marketing today would be to buy traffic through advertisement on popular social networks, platforms, and websites. By understanding internet marketing and how advertisement work online affiliates can, for example, spend $1 on the advertisement to acquire a lead or sale, which for them is worth $2 in commission. When a campaign works, the affiliate scale that campaigns as much for as long as his wallet lasts. If the affiliate would spend $10,000 on this specific campaign he would have made $20,000 in revenue whereof $10,000 is pure profit which he can pocket, minus the taxes of course.

Another way affiliates marketing can be done without a website, is to use social networks and platforms as a regular user to promote products and affiliate offer with your online presence. This method adds a lot of risks though. Your account can be banned, restricted or even removed. When you don't own your own platform you are at the mercy of the platform your using, the company behind it and their Terms of Service.

So yes, affiliate marketing is alive and well, and the industry is maturing every year for the better. And yes, you can do affiliate marketing without a website. It's how most affiliate marketing is done today, through buying of an advertisement on popular platforms and social networks.

Can affiliate marketing be a career?

Affiliate marketing has been a very lucrative career for many, in the early days of internet marketing the barrier for entry and the profit was insane.

Even to this day, people see amazing numbers, however, in this day and age, more knowledge and attention to detail is key. So affiliate marketing can be a career, however, it might not provide the same security as a traditional 9 to 5. But where there is no risk there is no gain


How can I learn more about affiliate marketing?

We provide resources inform of articles and news related to the industry which you might find useful. We also provide a directory filled with Affiliate Marketing Courses which are reviewed by other affiliates, so that you can make informed decision whether to not to join a particular course, or not. You can also check out various Affiliate Marketing Tutorials to get the basics down.