Privacy Policy

FellowAffiliate (from here on referred to as “FellowAffiliate”, “we” or “us”), the company responsible for management of the website and its associated blog (collectively referred to as the “Site”) is devoted to protection the privacy of all the users visiting the Site (“you” or “User”). The Site is created only for being used in professional purposes.

By using the Site, and in particular by submitting your company or personal details on registration, completing a contact form, or writing a review, you explicitly agree to this Privacy Policy and offer full agreement to the collection, processing and storage of your personal information by FellowAffiliate, and to this personal information being disclosed to or used by specific third parties, in accordance with the terms described in this policy.

Please keep in mind that any data you submit to third parties or other Site users you may contact by means of the Site will be collected and used by those parties in accordance with their own privacy policies and terms. FellowAffiliate is not able to guarantee that such parties comply with the requirements described in data protection legislation.


Our Site users are not asked to submit any personal data nor to register to be able to browse, search or compare Software listed in our directory.

We do gather and process personal information belonging to registered users and when submitting forms on the Site for the purposes outlined below:

(i) Software Providers: to allow providers to have their company as well as product and services details available on our site, we gather the following: name, surname, professional email address, company website, company name, e-mail, telephone number and billing related information. What is more, we gather non-personally identifiable information about the vendor’s company such as online advertising budget and various data points regarding their products.

(ii) Business and IT users: We gather the personal details of the registered users who completed the forms required if a user wants to fill out a lead form or post a review, or fill out a Contact Us form, or subscribe to a newsletter, including name and surname, professional email address, phone number and LinkedIn profile. This information is only passed on to Software Providers if a user has explicitly agreed for us to do so, specifically when they complete a lead form.

Throughout the registration process or the form filling process, the fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required to be completed, since they are obligatory and strictly necessary to prepare a response to the user’s request. In cases when all fields are mandatory it will be stated at the top of the form and no asterisk signs will be shown. The completion of the other fields is entirely voluntary. If a user does not want to provide the required personal information, he or she may not be able to benefit from Services and products offered by the Site. The User guarantees that the personal data provided by them is accurate, true and up to date in the manner that reflects the User’s current circumstances. The User hereby confirms that he/she is solely responsible for any inaccuracies, false information, errors or mistakes in any provided personal information and may be held liable for any damages whatsoever caused to FellowAffiliate or third parties, by virtue of using FellowAffiliate Services. Similarly, we ask our Users to kindly send us information on any changes in their personal details so that the information collected in our files is current and free of errors at all times.

FellowAffiliate will also process other technical data connected with your use of the Site, as detailed below, including accessed Site areas and web pages as well as IP addresses.

It is forbidden to provide any personal information that is non-professional contact data or which contains sensitive data that is connected to identifiable persons such as:

(i) Non-professional contact information including email or home addresses or personal phone numbers.

(ii) User’s and or third party’s and data related to the commission of criminal offences or proceedings and associated penalties or fines.

(Iii) User’s and or third party’s health, religion, racial origin, ideology and sexual life or membership in a trade union.



The data gathered by us is processed for the professional purposes outlined in our Terms of Use, including without limitation management of the Site and Users, displaying relevant content on our Site, contacting Users and sending commercial communications, matching software providers with Users that agreed to get more details about products and services, and such other specific purposes indicated or implicit in each part of the Site.


By completing forms and submitting your personal details, you confirm that you have read and accepted the terms of this Policy. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, you expressly and unequivocally agree to:

(i) The gathering and processing of your professional contact information by FellowAffiliate in accordance with the indicated purposes described by FellowAffiliate and this Policy.

(ii) The reception of commercial e-mails from FellowAffiliate or its Site, in accordance with the applicable laws on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce.

(iii) The processing of your data outside the European Economic Area by third party data processors or cloud-based software tools (e.g. for the purpose of offering us professional services including database management and hosting services, invoicing services or customer relationship services…).

(iv) The communication of the data to other site Users, including outside the European Economic Area (Software Providers or IT/Business users) if the User requests it. Your agreement to collection and processing of personal information may be revoked, without retroactive effects, in accordance with the Spanish Organic Data Protection Law.


Users are entitled to access, rectify, block, erase and oppose any processing of their personal information. What is more, Users may at any time cancel their agreement to the processing of their personal details. This cancellation will not have retroactive effects. The above is without prejudice to provisions of Spanish applicable law allowing for conservation of data for the purpose of defending the responsibility of FellowAffiliate and complying with required legal obligations.

The rights mentioned above may be effected by contacting us at info(at)FellowAffiliate(dot)com or at the address provided in the “Contact us” section of the Site.


Any User of the Site who obtains personal information of other Users (referred to as “Receiving User”) expressly consents to:

(i) Use and process the information in accordance with the terms established herein and only for the explicit purposes of the Site, or otherwise with the agreement of the User.

(ii) Not to transfer any personal information related to any person that has not been expressly authorized by that person or this Policy.

(iii) Avoiding access to any personal data by an unauthorized third person and to protect the confidentiality of personal data.

(iv) Inform FellowAffiliate within 24 hours about any problems related to user information management that may occur.

(v) The Receiving User consents to be responsible for any form of illegal use by them of the Site Users’ data. In regard to this clause, illegal use is to be construed to involve any use contrary to the applicable data protection laws and/or in violation of this Privacy Policy.


Users provide us authorization to disclose their personal data to the companies selected by Users when completing a lead form.

In relation to international disclosures, Users expressly agree that we may disclose or internationally transfer their data to other Users and third parties which are located outside the European Union. This international disclosure or transfer will only be executed for the sole purposes described under these Terms and Conditions.


By filling in and sending your data to FellowAffiliate during the registration process, you expressly agree to receive communications relevant to the subject matter of the Site and other services. These commercial communications, including newsletters, alerts, offers, notices and promotions, will be always sent by FellowAffiliate, or by Software Providers to whom you have agreed your data to be sent in relation to a request, lead or Software.

If you do not want to receive information from this Site you can expressly opt out by sending a notification to info(at)FellowAffiliate(dot)com.


Our Site features links to other websites whose information policies may differ from ours. We suggest visitors to consult the respective policies of these third parties for more details. FellowAffiliate privacy policy does not apply to, and we have no control over the actions or data that is submitted to, nor gathered and processed by, these third parties.

We may partner with identified third parties, but we do not offer any personally identifiable data to these third parties without User’s agreement.


To improve our our understanding of Users’ interaction with our Site, we may use IP trackers and cookies. FellowAffiliate has a cookies policy that can be found here.


Third party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on a user’s prior visits to your website. Google’s use of the DoubleClick cookie enables it and its partners to serve ads to your users based on their visit to your sites and/or other sites on the Internet. Users may opt out of the use of the DoubleClick cookie for interest-based advertising by visiting Ads Settings. (Alternatively, you can direct users to opt out of a third-party vendor’s use of cookies for interest based advertising by visiting If you have not opted out of third-party ad serving, the cookies of other third-party vendors or ad networks may also be used to serve ads on your site, and should be disclosed in your privacy policy as well in the following manner.

Notify your site visitors of the third-party vendors and ad networks serving ads on your site. Provide links to the appropriate vendor and ad network websites. Inform your users that they may visit those websites to opt out of the use of cookies for interest-based advertising (if the vendor or ad network offers this capability). Alternatively, you can direct users to opt out of some third-party vendor’s use of cookies for interest-based advertising by visiting Because publisher sites and laws across countries vary, we’re unable to suggest specific privacy policy language. However, you may wish to review resources such as the Network Advertising Initiative for guidance on drafting a privacy policy.