How to Drive Free Traffic With Pinterest

How to Drive Free Traffic With Pinterest

Did you know that Pinterest can be an amazing source of traffic for your own website, or even affiliate marketing for that matter?

250 Million people use Pinterest each month.

A big attention pool that you can tap into.

Some name drives 41,000 unique visitors to her blog with here precense on Pinterest.

Pinterest works especially well if your content is targeted to females. Where verticals like cooking, home decore and fashion rain supreme.

In total, 81% of Pinterests users are female (2018).

That is about to change however.

In 2019, 50% of all new users where male.

What stands true to this day is that visually appealing images and pin boards with a targeted focus on a specific topic or interest is key to generate pins and ultimatley traffic to your website.

In this guide I will go over 9 steps that will help you along the way to generating your own traffic for your blog, website or affiliate offers.

  1. Sign up for Pinterest with a Business Account.
  2. Create Boards targeted to a specific interest related to your website.
  3. Apply for Rich Pins.
  4. Grow your Pinterest following.
  5. Get the attention of relevant Group Boards.
  6. Use visually appealing and engaging images.
  7. Pin like crazy,
  8. Feature your best pins to the top Pinterest users in your niche.
  9. Circulate your Account and Boards on other social mediums.

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