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500Affiliates Affiliate Program

500Affiliates is the affiliate program for Plus500 CFD trading platform. The 500Affiliates program has been awarded the best financial affiliate program for 2015, 2016, and  2018 by iGB Affiliate Awards.

500Affiliates Features

Mobile marketing

With 500Affiliates special mobile marketing tools, you can with ease expand your exposure to the mobile world. Mobile marketing tools enable the option of referring visitors directly to the Plus500 application on the App Store or Google Play store.


500Affiliates provide predesigned banners for all its affiliates. The banners are updated frequently to reflect offers and trends and include all standard dimensions found in web advertisement today. Each banner has been translated into more than 30 languages so that you can promote their product on a more local level. Simply copy and paste the HTML to your blog or website to promote the Plus500 trading platform.


Would you like to display fancy widgets on your site? 500Affiliates provides widgets that live streams price data, like currency and commodity prices from its Plus500 trading platform.

Pre-made Landing pages

You can utilize our landing pages to enhance the conversion of your traffic into Plus500 clients. Statistical analysis conducted for the landing pages has proven to generate high conversion rates.

Pre-made Articles & Reviews

Yep, you heard that right, pre-made articles, and reviews composed by industry experts to ensure a high click-through rate. The articles and reviews contain detail information about the Plus500 trading platform and are designed to help the user make an educated choice and then take action. 

500Affiliates Features Commission Structure

Country CPA Amount
Argentina $300
Australia $800
Austria $500
Bahrain $800
Bulgaria $300
Chile $500
Colombia $500
Cyprus $500
Czech Republic $500
Denmark $500
Finland $500
Germany $800
Greece $300
Hong Kong $800
Ireland $300
Israel $500
Italy $700
Kuwait $800
Latvia $300
Luxembourg $500
Malaysia $700
Malta $300
Mexico $700
Netherlands $800
New Zealand $800
Norway $700
Oman $700
Poland $500
Portugal $700
Qatar $800
Romania $300
Saudi Arabia $700
Singapore $700
Slovakia $300
South Africa $700
Spain $700
Sweden $700
Switzerland $800
United Arab Emirates $800
United Kingdom $800
Other Countries $200

Pricing Models Supported by 500Affiliates Affiliate Program

Revenue Share

Revenue Share (Revenue Share)

500Affiliates Affiliate Program supports Revenue Share offers. Revenue Share is a pricing model in affiliate marketing that shares a percentage of the total amount of income generated by the sale of goods or services among the publisher and advertiser.

Cost Per Sale

CPS (Cost Per Sale)

500Affiliates Affiliate Program supports CPS offers. Cost Per Sale (CPS) is the amount an advertiser pays for converting a sale. Cost Per Sale is calculated as follows: advertisement cost/number of sales = Cost Per Sale (CPS). As an affiliate, it represents the amount you will get paid for converting a sale for an advertiser in an affiliate program or network. CPS for affiliates is also sometimes mentioned as PPS (Pay Per Sale).

Cost Per Acquisition

CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)

500Affiliates Affiliate Program supports CPA offers. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is a marketing metric for measuring the cost of acquiring a paying customer, or for a user to perform an action. CPA is sometimes referred to as Cost Per Action. As an affiliate, the CPA model will simply be a flat rate that you will receive when the task required is performed. This can be anything from a user filling out a form, making a purchase or downloading a free game. If you are on the other side, as an advertiser, the CPA model can determine the actual cost of each customer acquired in combination with other pricing models such as CPC (Cost Per Click). To derive the Cost Per Acquisition of a CPC campaign it would have to be calculated as follows: Campaign Cost / Conversions = Cost Per Acquisition.

500Affiliates Affiliate Program Has Offers in Following Verticals



500Affiliates Affiliate Program falls under the Finance.

Forex Trading

Forex Trading

500Affiliates Affiliate Program falls under the Forex Trading.

🎯 Pricing Model: Revenue Share, CPS, CPA
πŸ—ƒοΈ Verticals: Finance, Forex Trading
πŸ’΅ Base Commission: $200.00 0%
πŸ’° Payment Threshold: $500.00
20 / 100
20 / 100
20 / 100
20 / 100
Lead generation for real estate

Lead generation for real estate

Lead Generation is an essential element to cultivate or find potential leads for your business, products, or services. h

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