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A Quick Overview of Rize Ads's Affiliate Network

Rize Ads is a premium affiliate network connecting advertisers with contractors for brand promotion on Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Advertisers benefit from expert affiliate selection, and affiliates gain access to essential tools, advertising budgets, and autonomy in choosing their partners and strategies — for the most accurate results. We focus on two main things—Rize Ads contracts and a dedicated advertising budget. Both ways, affiliates can feel secure about their finances and focus on getting results. Easy contract-based signup Affiliates get on board with Rize Ads by signing contracts. Once they're in, they have access to all the essential tools—tracking, analytics, reports, and offers. Our smart system selects the best brands and programs for affiliates, and all they need to do is give the green light for collaboration. This summer, about 46% of affiliates on the platform signed contracts with Rize Ads. Dedicated advertising budget Rize Ads covers affiliates' advertising expenses upfront, even before they start their campaigns. Affiliates don't have to use their own cash or wait for reimbursements. This way, it lowers financial risks and makes it more attractive for affiliates to team up. They can focus on strategies, not finances. What’s more in Rize Ads? Automation Rize Ads' smart system connects advertisers and affiliates based on the goals of the advertisers and the experience of the affiliates. Integration You can integrate major ad networks like Facebook and Google Ads within the platform. Artificial Intelligence Affiliates also have access to AI tools to work with creative content. Transparency Both advertisers and affiliates can access analytics and reports to shape future strategies and scale up. Rize Ads boasts over 500 affiliates working under contracts. Approximately 270 brands have placed their affiliate programs with us.
Pricing Model: CPA, CPL, CPC
Verticals: Antivirus, Beauty, Crypto, E-Commerce, Fashion, Finance, Health, Travel, VPN
Payment Option: PayPal, ACH
Payment Schedule: Biweekly
Payment Threshold: $500.00
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