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C3PA Affiliate Network

C3PA is a leading affiliate network in the industry with exclusive offers in Dating, Crypto & Forex verticals. The highest weekly payouts & wide range of GEO's. We engage quality traffic sources for realization of our clients’ business objectives, including: registration, request, application installment or any other desired action. Due to extensive expirience and cooperation with reliable partners, we offer the best solutions for our clients. OUR BENEFITS above the others: + 5 years of success as an Affiliate network; + direct offers; + TOP advertisers and affiliate sources; + Worldwide business coverage (we work with EU and Tier 1); + Direct advertisers with exclusive deals for us; + Ambitious team with strives and goals that upgrade your experience to the next level of your career step!

Payment Options Supported by C3PA



With C3PA you can recive your payments via PayPal. PayPal is one of the first payment methods that made it possible to transact online. PayPal was launched in 1998 and quickly grew to one of the most used payment methods online. Today,  Paypal is used by 180 million people and operates in 202 countries with 22 different currencies across the globe. With only an email, you can register for a free account to send and receive money internationally. You can also attach your credit card to your account so that you can send money back and forth from your bank and PayPal account.



With C3PA you can recive your payments via Paxum. Send and receive payments easily with Paxum.



With C3PA you can recive your payments via Bitcoin.



With C3PA you can recive your payments via Skrill. Skrill is an platform that allows payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet, with a focus on low-cost international money transfers



With C3PA you can recive your payments via WebMoney. WebMoney is an online payment system that lets you transfer money globally. The Russian company first started as a service to transfer US dollars across the border during the financial crisis in 1998. Today WebMoney serves a global market and facilitates services for companies and individual that makes it easy to transfer currency world-wide.

Pricing Models Supported by C3PA

Cost Per Acquisition

CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)

C3PA supports CPA offers. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is a marketing metric for measuring the cost of acquiring a paying customer, or for a user to perform an action. CPA is sometimes referred to as Cost Per Action. As an affiliate, the CPA model will simply be a flat rate that you will receive when the task required is performed. This can be anything from a user filling out a form, making a purchase or downloading a free game. If you are on the other side, as an advertiser, the CPA model can determine the actual cost of each customer acquired in combination with other pricing models such as CPC (Cost Per Click). To derive the Cost Per Acquisition of a CPC campaign it would have to be calculated as follows: Campaign Cost / Conversions = Cost Per Acquisition.

Cost Per Lead

CPL (Cost Per Lead)

C3PA supports CPL offers. Cost Per Lead (CPL) is the amount an advertiser pays for converting a lead. Cost Per Lead is calculated as follows: advertisement cost/number of leads = Cost Per Lead (CPL) As an affiliate, it represents the amount you will get paid for converting a lead for an advertiser in an affiliate program or network. CPS for affiliates is also sometimes mentioned as PPL (Pay Per Lead). The most commonly used CPL offers would be, email opt-in, but the pricing model is also used for free to play games, freemium software, and general customer leads.

Cost Per Click

CPC (Cost Per Click)

C3PA supports CPC offers. Cost Per Click (CPC), also known as PPC (Pay Per Click) refers to the actual price you pay as an advertiser, and earn as a publisher in a marketing campaign. While CPC models are mostly found within ad networks and general advertisement you can also find offers within affiliate networks. CPC has been a solid way to drive attention online since its very beginning, seeing the model growing alongside early internet companies and later championed by Google with there auction based CPC platform Adsense / Adwords.

C3PA Has Offers in Following Verticals

C3PA Payment Schedule


C3PA send their payments on a Biweekly basis.

Pricing Model: CPA, CPL, CPC
Verticals: Crypto, Dating, Finance, Forex Trading
Payment Option: PayPal, Paxum, Bitcoin, Skrill, WebMoney
Payment Schedule: Biweekly
Payment Threshold: $100.00
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