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AvantLink Affiliate Network

AvantLink is an affiliate network based in Utah, United States. AvantLink focus on working with established and up-and-coming organizations who see eye-to-eye with our their company values, inovation, integrity, excellence, quality over quantity, and customer services.

AvantLink Features

Merchant Ads

Automatic updates for both text and image/banner ads using JavaScript or APIs.

Automatically encoded HTML and tracking URLs for your affiliate website.

AvantLink App Market

Utilize innovative affiliate marketing apps from independent developers.

Free access to powerful ad tools, plugins, scripts or widgets approved by AvantLink.

Affiliate Link Encoder

Automatically detect and change all of your participating direct-to-merchant links (including user posted) to affiliate links.

Automatically create affiliate links for selected keywords site wide or at a page level.

Eliminate the need to login to the network for encoded links.

Instantly monetize old content.

Paid Placement

Retain complete control over approval or denial of merchant bids.

Select default display ads from your merchants or any other ad network.

Custom Link Builder

Easily build custom affiliate tracking links.

Apply optional custom tracking codes.

Deep link your visitors to high converting areas of a merchant’s site.

AvantLink WordPress Plugin

Access all merchant ad campaigns and create custom links from within WordPress.

Provide a robust product database search across multiple merchants.

Automatic integration of the ALE tool.

Datafeed Manager

Standard dynamic datafeed format for all merchants.

100% customizable subscriptions (column structure & data format).

Custom URLs to datafeeds with your affiliate links automatically encoded.

Accurate product pricing & inventory data updated daily.

AvantLink API

Advanced data input and retrieval functionality.

Platform independent and open to development with any programming language.

Product Ad Widget

Feature multiple stores in one display widget.

Publish dynamically updated product content.

Use subscription configurations to update existing displays instantly.

Automatically build and update displays using sale or other filters.

Product Content Widget

Provide information and/or images about single or multiple products.

Automated price comparisons between all of your merchants for a specific product.

Display all text ads flagged as deals/coupons.

Syndicate product reviews if available from your merchant.

Automatically provide similar product entries from other merchants.

Present additional products frequently purchased together.

Dynamic Deal Feed

Automatic syndication of the latest coupon, sales or promo ads from your merchants.

Promote merchant deal RSS feeds embedded with your affiliate links.

Your users can monitor merchant promotions via live bookmarks or RSS reader.

RSS Deal Feed Syndication

Provide users the option to subscribe to RSS deal and promotions automatically encoded with your affiliate links.

Syndicate merchant promotions through affiliate tracking links.

Deal of the Day

Publish dynamic deal of the day (DOTD) or one deal at a time (ODAT) content.

Promote DOTD or ODAT RSS feed subscriptions with your affiliate links automatically encoded.

Automate DOTD or ODAT mobile alerts using the AvantLink API.

Contextual Ad Tool

Automate DOTD or ODAT mobile alerts using the AvantLink API.

Automatically display content relevant merchant ads.

AvantLink for Affiliates & Publishers

Wide Variety of Offers

As an affiliate with AvantLink you can promote a wide variety of merchants and their well know brands. AvantLink strives to provide quality over quanity and does som by building long-lasting partnerships.

AvantLink App Market

With the AvantLink App Market, development-savvy affiliates can turn their skill in to makreting tools and share them with the entier network.

Data Focused

The AvantLink affiliate network understands that data is key. Their platform provides an array of extensive data and API's that you as affiliate can use to understand the promotion process better and ultimatley increase your revenue.

AvantLink for Advertisers & Merchants

As a merchant you probably care deeply about how your products are advertised. With AvantLink you can rest asure that your products gets show own reputable media and platforms. AvantLink only accept 30% of all affiliate applications.

Insightful and actionable attribution

The last click wins model was great two decades ago. Our AvantMetrics attribution technology tracks the entire click stream of each converting customer to show the impact of your referral program and other marketing channels, enabling you to:

  • Split commissions for sales that involve multiple referrals
  • Automatically deduplicate payouts on multiple networks for the same sale
  • Adjust influencer commissions based on impact of other marketing channels

Payment Options Supported by AvantLink



With AvantLink you can recive your payments via Cheque. A cheque, or check, is a document that order banks to pay out the specified money to your bank account. The cheque will be issued to you via physical mail, and arrive at your door. You will then have to take it to your local bank to clear it to receive your money.

Pricing Models Supported by AvantLink

Cost Per Sale

CPS (Cost Per Sale)

AvantLink supports CPS offers. Cost Per Sale (CPS) is the amount an advertiser pays for converting a sale. Cost Per Sale is calculated as follows: advertisement cost/number of sales = Cost Per Sale (CPS). As an affiliate, it represents the amount you will get paid for converting a sale for an advertiser in an affiliate program or network. CPS for affiliates is also sometimes mentioned as PPS (Pay Per Sale).

Cost Per Lead

CPL (Cost Per Lead)

AvantLink supports CPL offers. Cost Per Lead (CPL) is the amount an advertiser pays for converting a lead. Cost Per Lead is calculated as follows: advertisement cost/number of leads = Cost Per Lead (CPL) As an affiliate, it represents the amount you will get paid for converting a lead for an advertiser in an affiliate program or network. CPS for affiliates is also sometimes mentioned as PPL (Pay Per Lead). The most commonly used CPL offers would be, email opt-in, but the pricing model is also used for free to play games, freemium software, and general customer leads.

AvantLink Payment Schedule


AvantLink send their payments on a Monthly basis.

Pricing Model: CPS, CPL
Payment Option: Cheque
Payment Schedule: Monthly
Available Support: Chat, Email, Phone
Payment Threshold: $100.00
20 / 100
20 / 100
20 / 100
20 / 100
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