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A Quick Overview of TrafficJunky's Ad Network

TrafficJunky is an advertisement network founded in 2008. With TrafficJunky you can advertise according to the following pricing models Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) . TrafficJunky has its headquarter located in United States and provide support by Phone and Email . Targeting and retargeting is an important aspect of advertising. With TrafficJunky you can use Os targeting Carrier Targeting IP targeting to narrow down your target audience. As a publisher with TrafficJunky you can receive your payments via Visa , PayPal , MasterCard , Paxum , Bank Transfer , Credit Card and Cheque . Payments are paid on a Weekly basis and are paid out when you reach the payment threshold of $50.00.
Ad Format: Banner
Pricing Model: CPM
Payment Option: Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, Paxum, Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Cheque
Payment Schedule: Weekly
Available Support: Phone, Email
Payment Threshold: $50.00
Minimum Budget: $50.00
Year Founded: 2008
Headquarter Country: United States
Token: No
Blacklists: No
Retargeting: No
Carrier Targeting: Yes
Gender Targeting: No
Geo Targeting: No
IP Targeting: Yes
OS Targeting: Yes
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