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Freddie reted Google Search Console 100

<p>Google Search Console is a must use tool for anyone who is serious about there google search ranking.</p>

Freddie reted TradeDoubler 100

A product catalog that is hard to beat!

Freddie reted LiveLeap 100

<p>LiveLeap blew me away the first time I used it! To have the ability to improve your reach so dramatically is truly unique. Apart from the configuration LiveLeap is fully automated. As soon as you go live your message will propagate around within your social sphere, really cool and useful for many marketers and influencers across many industries.</p>

Freddie reted ImageOptim 100

ImageOptim is a perfect tool for someone that wants to manually optimize an image that needs to be published on the web. Preferably your application or website should do this automatically as the image is uploaded or published. But if you are sitting on a Mac, and are in need of a quick manual optimization of an image, ImageOptim is my goto tool.

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